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Vai Resort

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Eat & Drink

Permission to Indulge


Cravings are welcome at VAI, no matter how impractical. Far beyond the familiar, this is your Phoenix desert mirage, full of heightened existence and pure sensuality. Everyone belongs. Here is authenticity — a place to experience your life instead of explaining it. Find your center. Find your joy. Escape to VAI Resort in Glendale, AZ and return home a new person.

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The unimagined awaits

Live In the Moment

If it’s predictable, it’s invisible at VAI. Your seeds of spontaneity flourish in the deep warmth of the Glendale, Arizona, sun and our high-sensory entertainment experiences. Here, you are vibrant, with no fear. Eat, love, dance, speak your mind — all in this theater of human encounters. All you have to do is be who you are.

Discover New Sensations

Unlock the infinite at VAI Resort in Glendale, Arizona. Come for the social connection with like minds set in an authentic luxury, and stay for your heart. Here, the neighborhood has no boundaries, and worldly cultures and trends echo a human consciousness and sustainability we so direly need. Stay for the multi-sensory day life and nightlife in one vast arena. You may never get enough. VAI is a place where every day, you long for the encore.

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Tour the Resort
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VAI Resort
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Konos Island
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Konos Bar
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Konos Cabanas
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Muse Tower
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Muse Tower
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VAI Villas
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VAI VIllas
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VAI Stage
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Let's Take This to the Next Level.

VAI Resort in Glendale is budding. Sign up to keep up with the moments as we bloom – creating the scene, booking musicians and talent – and to receive special offers.

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